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        ¡ñState Intellectual property Office of the People¡¯s Republic of China
        ¡ñUnited States Patent and Trademark Office
        ¡ñ European Patent Office
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Patent Law LLC authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office
of the P.R.China (SIPO) in 2005 was founded by leading IP specialists subsequent to
the establishment of JIANJI Trademark  Agent  Co.,  Ltd.  in 2003.  We  provide
professional services across the spectrum of intellectual property rights including 
patents, designs, copyrights and trademarks  both  in China  and abroad.  With a
steadfast commitment to preserving the value of innovative ideas, we always do our
best to procure the strongest possible intellectual property protection for our clients.

       By constantly striving to improve our expertise in legal, technical and language
skill, our team is growing steadily in an open communication environment. Presently, 
we have organized a well-mixed patent team including Chinese patent attorneys,
patent engineers and  leading intellectual  property  consultants from Taiwan.  The
expertise of our patent engineers covers diverse  technical  areas  from  chemistry,
mechanical  engineering,  electrical  and  electronics  engineering  to  information
technology and computer science.

       To emphasize quality in all of our processes, WEIYUAN has adopted its distinct
objective oriented management system to ensure quality and efficiency in application
procedures. Since timely, precise and secure communication is always critical, our
management system is specially designed in a way to avoid any missing of deadlines
or  misinterpreting of  technical data.  Further,  more  experienced  attorneys  and
professionals are kept available to serve our clients by enlisting the support of
efficient administrative personnel and by developing and retaining the best people.

       In  years  of  serving  innovation  organizations  and  independent  inventors, 
we have represented  selected  clients from large multinational enterprises to startups
companies  to  individuals.  Our  philosophy  is  to  meet high standards for quality,
timeliness and client satisfaction. We operate on the principles of ¡°considering issues
from  the  client¡¯s  point of view and focusing on the client¡¯s  interests¡± delivering IP
services tailored for our clients and contributing our best to our client¡¯s success. 

       We enjoy a company culture that emphasizes teamwork, effective communications
and a healthy balance between work and leisure life.  To provide excellent service to
our clients,  we  always further the opportunities  of our attorneys and staff for their
education and growth, and hire diverse personnel to foster positive and different
perspectives to build up an innovative and aggressive climate. By frequent exchange
and long-term relationship with our foreign associates, we encourage all our attorneys
and  staff  to  work  and  learn  through  international  interaction.  Acceptance  of
differences,  Accurate  responses,  Approach  to  excellence,  Awareness  of  fair
competition, and Advancement of knowledge are the 5A¡¯s for all of our people.

       WEIYUAN  has  received  recognition  for delivering value-added services that
promote better,  more  effective  outcomes and enjoys an excellent reputation
amongst clients and associates.