Patent Law  L.L.C.
authorized by the State Intellectual
Property Office of the P.R.C. (SIPO)
in  2005  was  founded  by leading
IP specialists  subsequent  to the
establishment of JIANYI Trademark
Agent Co.,Ltd. in 2003. We provide
professional  services  across  the
spectrum  of  intellectual property
rights  including patents, designs,
copyrights  and  trademarks both  
in China and abroad.With a stead
-fast commitment  to  preserving
the value of innovative ideas, we
always do our best to procure the
strongest  possible  intellectual
property protection for our clients.




  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Legal services
  • Patent search service
  • Patent watch service
  • IP rights customs record
  • TECH/Legal  translation
  • Annuity fee management

   ●   State Intellectual property Office of the People’s Republic of China
  United States Patent and Trademark Office
    European Patent Office
World Intellectual Property organization
   China Patent Infonet
    Shanghai Intellectual Property administration

Draft Amendments to the Patent Act in Taiwan(31/3/2017)
Amendments to the Regulations Governing Submission of Foreign Language Application Documents in Taiwan(31/3/2017)
Draft Amendments to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act in Taiwan(31/3/2017)
Statistics of the Accelerated Examination Program and Patent Prosecution Highway Program in Taiwan(30/3/2017)
Statistics of Non-resident Applications for Patent and Trademark with TIPO in 2016(30/3/2017)
Latest Amendment to Taiwan Fair Trade Act Became Effective on February 4, 2015.(20/4/2015)
Recent Development of the Patent Prosecution Highway System in Taiwan(21/8/2015)
Latest Amendment on Intellectual Property Case Adjudication Act Became Effective on June 6, 2014(1/8/2014)
An infringement claim based on a patent subsequently invalidated does not inevitably constitute patent misuse(19/5/2014)
Amendment Concerning Border Protection Measures to Patent Act Promulgated(2014.2.14)
Taicang Among the List of Pilot County Cities for National Intellectual Property(2013.9.22)
SIPO Issues a Report on Invention Patent Application and Grants in 2013 H1 (2013.8.19)
IP Brief (2013.8.9)
Asia-Pacific IPR CBD Starts Construction in Zhangjiang Pudong (2013.7.31)
IP Brief (2013.7.24)
More Foreign Companies Involved in IPR Cases (2013.7.18)
China IP Development Significantly Improved (2013.7.3)
China Celebrates the Fifth Anniversary of IPR Strategy Implementation (2013.6.17)

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