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Asia-Pacific IPR CBD Starts Construction in Zhangjiang Pudong 2013.7.31

Shanghai Asia-Pacific IPR CBD began construction recently. As an important carrier for Shanghai to become a center for Asia-Pacific intellectual property rights, this project features non-governmental elements.

It is promoted, invested, constructed and operated by private enterprises and will better utilize IPR projects, scientific and technological findings, and non-government capital in the future.

Shanghai Dongyi Investment Co, the operator of the project, has collected 5 billion yuan ($814.5 million) in advance for development. According to the plan, the whole project is divided into three phases. Phase one includes infrastructure construction that will establish an IPR Square, including a service building, an exchange building and an innovation building.

Phase two will create an IPR competent personnel training base, establishing the Shanghai IPR research institute and including a post-doctoral station that targets science and engineering graduates and teaches them related knowledge about IPR and introduces them to innovative enterprises. The program differs from existing IPR colleges in universities in that it trains professional managers, not college students. Its content is better suited to connect seamlessly with the demands of enterprises.

Phase three includes an industrialization base, which will serve as an incubator for patent transformation enterprises.

At a meeting held recently in Beijing, the head of the preparatory committee of Shanghai Asia-Pacific IPR CBD said in order to develop clusters of IPR service, investment and innovative enterprises, they will draw on lessons from the IPR market at home and abroad as well as provide IPR services, professional technology services, and investment and incubation services to innovative enterprises through the integrated innovation of market mechanisms.

(Source: China Daily)