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Taicang Among the List of Pilot County Cities for National Intellectual Property£¨2013.9.22£©

Taicang is among the list of pilot county cities for national intellectual property appointed by the State Intellectual Property Office. The theme of the pilot project is upgrading the ability to utilize intellectual property rights.

In recent years, Taicang has fully utilized technology and intellectual property to develop its society and economy, promoting the integration of intellectual property rights and independent innovation. From January to July, Taicang applied for 7,589 patents total, including 1,405 innovative patents. The numbers represent increases of 26.34 percent and 22.17 percent, respectively, from a year earlier.

According to the person in charge of the Taicang science and technology bureau, Taicang will make a plan to promote its competitiveness in intellectual property rights.(Source: China Daily)